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Nav bar links/logo not centering

Hey everyone. I’m a little new to webflow and slowing getting the hang of everything. I’ve got a website that triggers a two link nav bar to appear from a hamburger button. Problem is I can’t get the logo and nav bar links to both align centered vertically and horizontally.

What am I doing wrong?


Hey Scott,

Here is how I was able to fix this:

  1. Delete the 40px left margin from the menu wrapper
  2. Delete flex-child grow if possible style from the menu wrapper and set the width to 100%
  3. Delete the min-width, max-width, center align text, and z-index from the Brand
  4. Delete the min-height from the Nav Menu
  5. Set the Hamburger Wrapper to absolute position
  6. Set the Navigation Justify to End
  7. Delete the min-width from Nav Menu
  8. On tablet mode set the responsive menu to absolute
  9. On mobile portrait set Brand to 75vw max-width

That should get the logo and nav menu aligned vertically and horizontally on the screen.