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Nav bar help please!


  1. I am having an issue with my nav bar symbol. On the home page, I made edits to the navbar symbol to my new preference. Then whenever I go to other pages of my site the nav does not have the new settings visually. It has the right numbers in the settings if you re-engineer but doesn’t show them visually. I have no clue why. The padding from top to bottom and the padding for the Nav links and the logo is lowered. The problem appears when you click home the globe and then another header.

New visully display I want

issue the symbol not taking on other pages

  1. Hamburger menu: the animation work on the desktop just fine in the proper order, however, once you go to tablet it does them backward.

Here is my site Read-Only: Read only


I can’t see whats wrong with paragraph 1, try to describe the issue in more details or attach a video that show the problem.

In the hamburger menu I think you should add an initial state to the timed actions in your first click on the hamburger.

@shokoaviv I added screen snots to the problem for #1

sorry but it still looks identical to me (the two screenshots) :slight_smile:

It’s not major major, however, padding from top to bottom and the links and the logo is lowered. @shokoaviv

I wish I could help. on My side the logo stay in the same place as you can see in the attach video

@shokoaviv It’s bizarre what’s happening. it changes on home with the new look then the other other pages doesn’t pick new edits only home. So if go back and forth between home and another page. The globe is the home button