Nav bar different height on different pages

Hi all,

I have a navigation menu that I want to be the same across all pages. It is, except that on the home page, it’s the height I want it to be. On the other pages, it’s much taller.

The only difference I can see is that for the home page, we have a slider (Big slide/mask/Slide 1) setup, and the other pages just have Sub Banner where the hero image resides. (This was set up by a designer, as we were previously using slides/several heroes.)

If that slide element in the home page is what’s causing the discrepancy, how can I separate the linking between the homepage nav menu and all the other pages (so I can keep homepage nav height the same and then optimize the rest of the pages)?

Or, is there something else going on?

Really appreciate your help on how to fix this!!

thanks so much,

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