Nav Animation breaks other animations after it runs

I have an interaction set so when you hover over a project square, a white screen moves over it and the project title swings in from below. It works great until you open my side nav and close it, then for whatever reason the hover animation doesn’t register anymore.

Like the hover doesn’t work.

Published Site :

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The site structure is very complicated - at list for my opinion. It is very difficult for me to discover where are the “mistakes” since you performed the interactions on each element instead of using the “class” interaction. With class interaction you keep your site simplify and make it easy to follow.

But don’t worry, I can already hear the galloping of the horses, on which the best Webflow experts ride, and I’m sure they will know How to help :slight_smile:

@shokoaviv Thanks for taking a look! Yeah I am not very experienced with webflow, so it probably isnt the most efficient set up. I tried using class interactions instead of elements but that wasnt working, the animations wouldnt run.

Haha, I hope so! thanks

I found the solution.

share with us :smile:

@shokoaviv It was a simple Hide/Show interaction missing. I have a giant DIV that covers the whole site after you open my nav, and in order to get rid of it after the nav closes, I only reduced the opacity to 0% but it’s display was still shown, so it was still there, blocking the mouse hover effects. I simply added a hide display to the animation and it all works as intended :slight_smile:

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