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Drop Down Nav breaks all page interactions

Hey everyone,

I’ve implemented a custom hamburger concept based on the following clonable project:
(Credit CJHersh

I took some stuff out to simplify it, and have it in my webpage at the public link listed below.

Problem is, as soon as it drops down, the rest of my page completely breaks, meaning none of the animations/interactions or links work. You can see this by playing with the grid/filters before pressing the hamburger menu. They work. As soon as the hamburger is pressed (and collapsed and pressed again etc), the rest of the page becomes unresponsive.

I’ve checked the dropdown animation and don’t see anything wrong there. I’ve checked z-value stuff and nothing there either, I don’t think.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks guys!


Here is my public share link:

([how to access public share link][2])

SOLVED! (there was a default z value of 1000 in the nav wrapper, and the wrapper moved during the interaction somehow even though it was only some of its children that were moved in and out during the animation)