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Naming Conventions for IDs, Classes, and Files

I’m wondering if there is going to be an option to customize the naming conventions for the IDs, classes, and files associated with websites.

This is a great tool but some companies will not want their clients knowing they are using a 3rd party application to build a site. Similar to how WP is quickly identifiable by looking in the code, so is webflow. And, as Webflow gains popularity, those tags will give away what platform the developer used.

I would suggest having a “Naming Conventions” screen which allows for the name of a file or class/ID and an empty field next to it where we (the user) can insert the name we want to use and have that populate.

i.e. Webflow.css > Site.css
w-column > column

I’m hoping this is given some consideration because it will increase it’s effectiveness and scalability for presentation to larger clients.



Totally @ChrisBultman. Thanks for your feedback.

The reason we decided on w-column, w-container, etc is because it gives the user the flexibility to name a class “column” or “container” without conflicting with our base css. Do you have a suggestion for an alternative? One option is to not allow the user to give classes these names (as they will conflict):

  • col
  • row
  • column
  • container
  • col 1-12
  • hidden
  • block
  • inline-block
  • embed
  • video

And I’m sure we will have many more. Which option do you prefer?

I think your suggestion of blocking those designated names makes sense. Having well identified divs is important and adding those classes in addition to what is generated shouldn’t be necessary.

So, not allowing those classes to be used would work.

As it relates to the file names, having a settings page that allows you to rename the JS and CSS files would resolve that issue.

Thanks for your rockstar support!