Mystery margin on published site but not on Webflow preview

Hello! I have been fiddling with this issue for hours and can’t figure it out. There seems to be some hidden margin that is causing a fixed element to peek through the footer at the bottom of the homepage.

  • The site looks perfect in preview, but the margin appears on the published site

  • I have confirmed there is no margin/padding on the body or other elements on the page that would be causing it

  • I have used Chrome’s inspector to delete each div on the page and the margin still persists

  • This only occurs on this homepage, not on any other page on the site

Does anyone have any ideas where in the world this could be coming from or have a fix? It’s driving me crazy!

Read-only site

Published site

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Hey @hunterthompson,

It’s a relatively easy fix. What is happening is your section loopedVideo element has a sticky position with at top value of 96 pixels, which is causing that push. On inspect if you remove that top value it fixes the issue. Since it is a position-related issue that affects how it displays on the page, you might just need to create an interaction that hides that section after it scrolls out of view, or whatever works best.

Does that help?


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Hey @Andrew_Coderre! Thank you so much for the help

I deleted the 96px top value from that section and am still seeing the peeking footer. I also tried to delete that entire section via Inspect and the margin still persists. (You can’t see it visually because the video is gone, but you can see it if you hover over the footer)

This looks to be caused by some rogue code:


I went ahead and checked your page code (the one appearing before the </body>) and it looks like you’re missing the <style></style> tags:

The code should read as follows:

  video::-internal-media-controls-overlay-cast-button {
    display: none;

You sir, are a genius @mikeyevin <3

That did it, thank you!!! I wish I could buy you a beer.

Haha glad I could help!

I wish I could buy you a beer.

I do actually have a “Buy me a coffee” link setup in my Community profile (that you can see by clicking on my avatar)—and conveniently I was able to change it to a “Buy me a beer” instead :sweat_smile:

Obviously I don’t ever expect any monetary compesentation for help here in the community, just figured I’d let you know :+1: