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My new websites built in Webflow


I have built two websites in Webflow this year. The first is my own personal business website called I built the site in Webflow then exported the code to a server where I already have hosting. My original site was coded by myself and I wanted to simplify its content. I replaced the original site with the new code from Webflow. I am delighted with the process. It was so simple and the tech guys at Webflow have been very helpful and fast to respond to queries.

The second was a commission for a website about catamaran sailing day trips in Grenada, Caribbean. The brief was to be colourful, in keeping with the culture of Grenada and to make it fun. I transferred this site to the client’s Micro plan account with Webflow and do occasional updates for them.

I love designing small business websites that do not need a CMS and the complexities that come with constructing a larger site. This means I can concentrate on the design aspects and deliver a site that is not only affordable but practical. I would love to know what you think. Thanks, Fiona.

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