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My New Portfolio Site - Iterate Lab

Hi, need to bounce off my portfolio site with you guys. Wanted to keep it extremely simple and make things easily noticeable for prospects. Was really heavy on flexboxes…what would we do without flexboxes :slight_smile: Feedback welcomed.

portfolio site: www.iteratelab.com


It is indeed minimal. :slight_smile:

here are some things I would improve on:

  1. The Landing page. i was a little confused on what to do as a user. What do i select first? So many options… I would maybe prefer a scrollable landing page or something with less options.

  2. The text is hard to read with such a bright background and the gradient makes it even harder since the background drastically changes color as you read it on the eyes. It was hard to keep on the same line and keep from looking away because of the bright color.

Just some UX tips to improve the site’s usability.
Hope this helps.

@coolest_vlad …very useful…I will incorporate.