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My nav bar is suddenly not responsive

Hi, I’m fresh to webflow so this can be quite a basic question.
My portfolio website used to be responsive, but right after I made some changes on my website the menu disappeared. but when I saw the editing mode, it is still in the same place. What can I do?

Here is my public share link:

Can you help me reproduce your issue? I couldn’t, but I’m not sure at all I’m doing the right thing. Can you make screenshots, screencasts, anything? thanks.

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as you can see, the menu is visible on desktop device but as soon as turn this into mobile device, the drop down menu doesn’t appear.

But on desktop/preview, does the menu open when you click it? Doesn’t for me.

desktop has no drop down menu. every menu is not hidden behind hamburger. but on mobile, I put the menu behind the hamburger.

One thing I can see: you have fiddled quite a lot with the Navbar, probably trying different things to get where you are now. And it lost some properties. The navbar element itself doesn’t even have dimensions still.

My advice, and I can assure you it’s not going to take you a lot of time, is to nuke that navbar, delet it, and redo it from scratch from a Navbar component. Re style it using new classes, try not to do things you don’t fully understand, and test regularly that the mobile menu still works.

Navbar is a powerful, just a litle complicated Webflow component. It can break sometimes. Your menu is probably there, but not well place on the z axis, or not clickable anymore, or…

Can you try this?

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The hamburger, on desktop preview of the mobile, isn’t clickable for me. Anyway, try to apply my advice abovE.

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@stella1 your (parent)container3 is set to fixed, bring it to relative, and set the navbar to auto.
That will fix it. Also give container3 a with of 100%