My Burger Nav (mobile) does only animat on second click – what can I do?

Hi there I animated the burger menu as I’ve done a couple of times now, but strangely I only kicks of the animation when clicked twice and revert on the fourth click. Can anybody help me out here?

Here is my public share link:

For me its hard to trigger the bug but try to remove the animation from the “Burger Lines” because then there is no duplication of the trigger. Now it triggers at the “Burger Lines” and at “Menu Button 2” so 2 triggers for one animation… And not 100% but i think that will cause this error…

Hello Matzinger :slight_smile: unfortunately it’s not that. I’ve tried that, too, but no luck. Did somebody else encounter this problem? Thanks.

Which OS/browser do you use? It works as intended for me.

Thank for taking some time. I have fixed it by replacing all and creating from scratch – I wasn’t able to recreate the bug. :see_no_evil:

But now I’m encountering a different issue. When menu was opened and closed once, no other link on the page seems to work. It’s like there is a layer on top, but I’m not able to identify it. Would you be kind to have a look at it?

Get your nav button out of the wf default button then delete the default button. It interferes with your nav.