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My 2 big CSS issues


  1. I will make 20 different pages for a website in the future. Currently I’m testing WF platform and as far as I see every styles are collected in a single CSS file “langspire.webflow.css”
    is it possible to seperate css files for each pages?

  2. Secondly, css structure is weird. For example, normally every element’s css hierarchy like here: But in WF I have to give every element’s CSS name differently.

Let’s say you have to columns container. you have 2 different titles in every column. you can’t give same CSS name for titles. Normally we can, as I demonstrated above by using element hierarchy.

those 2 issues prevent me to move on. I think webflow uses script to differentiate/transform styles as the website is running. But in this way I can not make a proper structure right now as designing/building website.

for example one of my title style name like this: “section2_services_service2_infoContainer_title”

I hope I could explain my problem here. How can I use more simple and organized styles?

thank you