Multiple Images/Dynamic List/ Collections

Hey guys,

I have a row of image boxes and I want the boxes to fill with multiple images from the same collection (named Modals here). I have 10 different items for “Modals” and I want to display only the images specific to each individual modal.

So if I had a modal for Cameras and I would have 5 images of cameras that are uploaded into that modal and I want them to distribute into the boxes. The same for the Pizza or Cars modal.

The problem I’m having is that Webflow is creating a dynamic list for every instance of “Slider Image 1” from all of my “Modals” instead of the other images from within each modal. It takes all of the “Slider Image 1” from each “Modal” that I have but the Modals are each their own unique identity so these boxes need to be filled with images specific to each modal (like “Slider Image 2”, etc), not the “Slider Image 1” from every one.

Im sure there is a simple way using references but I haven’t had any luck.