Multiple CMS Layouts using Conditional Visibility

Hi all,

So I’ve successfully created multiple layouts for my CMS template using conditional visibility, all works fine, the downside though is that all markup is generated for all the layouts, even though only one is ever shown for a particular post. The conditional visibility aspect just added a display: none inline style.

Not ideal in my opinion, which is why I wanted to check if this is the only way to do it. If there are half a dozen layouts for example, then half a dozen layouts are loaded, even though only one is shown.

Any advice would be great, any alternative way of doing it?


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@leewilson78 -

The only alternative when staying with Webflow hosting is with JavaScript to dynamically generate the page content, which means writing code. Off Webflow, you can do what I do: using server-side code with conditionals and my custom backend or another CMS.

I can’t see the logic in hammering a visitor with a big page load filled with content hidden via CSS. Not suitable for an optimum user experience or SEO.

You could look into Wized or Xano for options as well.

Thanks, I’ve used Wordpress for the past 10 years or so, over there I use Advanced Custom Fields to conditionally load content.

I will look into Wized and Xano, thanks for the tip.