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Multiple Backgrounds

How do I add more than one background? The tutorial shows background images on different layers, but the only option I’m seeing is to replace one background with another.

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Hey there, @Chris_Patchel - let me know if this solves your problem. Just a quick video tutorial on adding a bg image + bg color overlay.

Thanks myonke, but I’m trying to layer several images.

Actually, if I layer a color on an image (like you did) I can then change that color layer to an image, and thus have 2 images (which is what I want). But there must be a more direct way to accomplish this?

@Chris_Patchel, can you explain your layout a bit more or send over a screenshare/screengrab? If you show me what you’re trying to accomplish with 2 bg images, I am sure I can help you out!

I’m looking for a way to fade in (0>100 opacity) one background image after another. (Background images which stay fixed while text and images scroll over them.)

Can you share your read-only link please?

Thanks for the read-only video link. Good to know.

I’m not at a point where I have anything to share. This guy (link below) found a way to do what I want, but I can’t figure out how he got each new background image not to scroll.

I finally figured out a way to fade from one background to another (a much simpler way than any of the tutorials I studied to no avail).