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Multilingual Website, how to open the right page according to the country

Hey guys,

I’m creating a website in English, Portuguese and Spanish. I’ve already inserted the “hreflangs” and Google is showing the right page in the results, according to each country (I’ve been using VPN to test this).

But what I really need is when an user in Brazil, for example, type it automatically redirects to the Portuguese version of the website ( And of course, the same for Spanish and English.

Any idea about how to solve it?

Thank you a lot!

Could this help you?

I haven’t tested it myself, yet.

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Another idea is to redirect depending on the system language settings of the user. So that a spanish guy visiting brazil is directed to the spanish version of the site.

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Hi Jorn. I’ll test it this week. Thanks for sharing :wink:

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Hi Vincent. Any idea how can I do that? With a script?

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