Multilingual Site Hreflang Tags in CMS Collection Pages

Hi all,

I have been going crazy trying to find a solution for inserting Hreflang tags for my website, in particular, to my CMS Collection pages. For static pages, this isn’t an issue as I can add it in the custom code. Nonetheless, for CMS collection pages it is a little trickier.

I have found a hard workaround, as you can also add custom code in CMS collection pages, and what I did is added custom fields within the code. Take a look:

I think this is a potential solution and it may help many with adding hreflang tags to multilingual sites, nonetheless, the issue I encounter is that it puts it in the code in the rather than the , despite putting it in the custom code section. Take a look:

Is this an issue with Webflow that the code is being inserted in the wrong place, inside the rather than the ? Hreflang tags are redundant if they’re in the body, so unless there’s a workaround, this wouldn’t work either.

I would really appreciate some help! Thank you in advance!