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Multiline text inputs


Regarding this issue: Line breaks not rendering in Paragraph or Header element when bound to multi-line text field

Haven’t had time to check in on it, but for me it’s still an issue here:

The text shows up as “KunngjøringPå flere linjer test,” but it should be:
På flere linjer

I managed to temporarily fix it with this line of code:
$("p.body").html($("p.body").text().replace(/\n/g, "<br>"));

But in the editor, the code doesn’t run, and it’s not possible to add line breaks.
This is how it looks in Collections in the designer (The field is called “Brødtekst”):

Collection (marked as multiline):

Test-item (here it’s possible to add line breaks):

I had to remove the test entry again for it to not be published with design changes, but here’s a screenshot:

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