Multi-tiered vertical/sidebar menu guidance

Hello community. I have been exploring Webflow for some time and lurking these forums a bit. I come from a Rapidweaver (as well as some minimal hand coding of html, php, and javascript) background and am looking at adopting Webflow as a more powerful platform. I’ve searched to the best of my ability with no luck…and am looking for some guidance/suggestions on how to achieve a multi-tiered vertical/sidebar menu approach (see attached). I’m hoping to receive some advice and get pointed in the correct direction as I learn to implement such an approach.

Essentially I’m trying to accomplish a vertical/sidebar menu where the traditional dropdown content that would appear under a top-level menu item appears adjacent (at right) to the top-level menu, while the top-level menu partially collapses. I think it’s best displayed with this quick video (attached).

  1. Is this possible in Webflow (I presume it is)?
  2. Suggestions/advice on an approach to accomplish such an effect?
  3. Any known resources (paid etc.) that you know of where I could tweak/reverse engineer such an approach to fit my specific needs?