Multi step form component or functionality

Could anyone from webflow tell me if multi step form functionality are on your roadmap please. And if they are what sort of timeframe?

Or if not, any chance you could produce a video tutorial on how to create one please?



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No news on any new components, but there are mentions of a plugin marketplace, where users can create such functionality. This does not have an ETA yet though.

The current workaround is to use a tab component inside a form, then use custom code to advance the form to the next tab.

@GrahamCox Another approach would be to use the Slider Component inside a Form Component,
here is a woking example:

The Multi-step form was all done in Webflow without the use of custom code.

The problem with these workarounds is, all fields must be set optional for the last button to submit, because unfilled required fields will cause hidden errors.

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@samliew @SidneyOttelohe

Thanks for the replies guys. I did see the multi step form example but I realised it didn’t have any validation to check if fields were completed. I’m really looking for something robust that can be used for lead generation purposes.

@webflow could you give us any news on multi step support please?


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