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Multi-Image CMS Grid Layout - Urgent request

Hi there,

I would like to use Multi-Image CMS element to showcase 30+ photography images.
I got everything working just fine, however, is there a way to display images the order and layout highlighted in red?

My client really wants to have them shifted and not aligned, but still going in the horizontal order:
and so on

Would really appreciate the help here!

Important to note that it needs to be done with CMS Multi-Image field. So any two-column options with left and right multi-image fields are not an option. Client needs to be able to easily put and shuffle the images in order via multi-image.


This should be doable using the :nth-child(even) CSS psuedo-class.

Here is a pen you can use for inspiration;

Offset even on cards (

This is great. Thank you so much!!!