CMS - Changing Picture orientation

Hey guys,

I am having “problems” with my CMS.
I want the product image to be on the right every second product, to bring in a bit variation.

Any idea how I can achieve that?

If you have an idea on how to optimize the website in general, please let me know, I am open to feedback!

Thanks in advance.

  • Sam

Here is my public share link: LINK

For now “no way” by webflow to create uneven collections layouts.

Try this trick/idea:

nth-child webflow Related:

zigzag idea:

in your case, this code should work

.w-dyn-item(even) .card_product.fadein {
   flex-direction: row-reverse;

other Trick:

Anyway, add screenshot example for the layout you want. No way to give you specific answer like this.

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Hey @Siton_Systems,

the last one did the job perfectly!

Thanks for the great and specific answer.

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