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Multi Directional Scrolling Website

I am working with a client who would like a multi directional scrolling website.


NOTE: All sections will be 100vw x 100vh

As the user scrolls down the page

Section 1 will scroll out of view to the left as Section 2 scrolls into view from the right

Section 2 will scroll out of view to the top as section 3 scrolls into view from the bottom

Section 3 will scroll out of view to the right as section 4 scrolls into view from the left.

I have found a couple options that include the followin jQuery

Option 1 (I think most aligns with the goals of the client, but I am not sure how to install on webflow) :

Option 2:
WHich can be installed using the how to guide from Fullpage.js step by step set up

Looking for any feed back or assistance! Maybe if anyone could help walk me through an installation of option 1 or put together a better .js as a developer I would be willing to discuss options.

What do you guys think @cyberdave @PixelGeek @samliew ?

Your request is quite broad, and may not be easily answerable/solvable via the forums. Would you like to move your post to the Freelance category instead?

Alternatively, you can also contact specialists in the directory to custom code a solution for you.

both would be fine I am willing to seek any options

Moved. Hope it helps you get an answer.