Multi-browser console error in webflow javascript breaks interactions, sliders "SyntaxError: unexpected keyword 'const'..."


While testing in browserstack for Safari 9 (EDIT – not just Safari 9 - see post from @Azfar_Chattha for full list of affected browsers) I get a console error (see screenshots attached):

"SyntaxError: Unexpected keyword 'const'. Const declarations are not supported in strict mode"

This results in the rest of the javascript file not loading, so sliders and interactions are not working in this browser. Note that this error does not happen in Safari 10 or Chrome (latest).

Of course, the reason this has come to my attention is my client is using Safari 9! (“Sod’s Law” at work I believe).

The site is here:

Can anybody help?

(EDIT: I’m noticing a few similar forum posts at moment, has something changed in the webflow js file?)

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