MP4 Video fails to load on Safari iOS

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently used webflow’s embed code feature to load mp4 videos on some pages in a website I’m designing for a friend’s small agency. The issue is, a particular video, which can be seen here just doesn’t seem to work on safari iOS (latest version). Try as I might, the video loads the poster image, but just doesn’t play on mobile.

This is peculiar as the other videos in the site, in each section seem to work fine for both desktop and mobile, and were exported by the client using the same process. All videos are mp4s with a H.264 codec.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Portfelio,
i found this on the cloudflare community forum. It is not a solution, but it may be a reason why it is not working.
In this stackoverflow post are some possible solutions to your problem.
I would suggest you to copy your code, and try some of the answers on stackoverflow. I cannot test it, because i have no iphone.

Good luck, hope i could help :smiley:

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