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Moving to london - New portfolio to help find work

Hi Guys,

I just did a pre-launch of my latest 2018 portfolio. I’ll be making adjustments and launching fully within the next few days.

Please, any advice, suggestions, or comments are greatly appreciated and will help me develop a better experience online.

I’m currently based in LA but plan to move to London on the contingency of finding sponsorship. I have a place to live already but finding work from the US seems impossible. Any advice or connections there would be invaluable.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Best and Many Great Wishes,

Jonathan Barnes

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Best of luck for finding a job - I’m in pretty much the opposite situation to you and about to move to away from London.

We have some great design jobs boards here that can be a lot more helpful than the generic jobs sites as they cater specifically for designers, here are a couple:

I’m not sure how much experience you have already, but if you don’t have a great deal of industry experience under your belt already (and you’re able to support yourself financially for a while) then you could also try speculative applications for an internship first, as that can be a great way in and is still quite popular in London.

If you filter down from a website such as this you can get a great list of some studios:

Finally, you could look to a creative recruitment agency like Represent (, who helped my friend find his creative job. Or another one that often bugged me on LinkedIn is Cranberry Panda ( - I think they work mostly with Digital Designer jobs.

Best of luck

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Hi @tiednknots

If you are developing sites in Webflow, don’t forget to use your profile page to showcase sites you’ve made, concepts etc, there is a ‘Hire Me’ button you can switch on too…

There is also a post in the Freelance category where you can list your contact details and skills: List of Webflow Freelancers (2018)



Thanks for the links and advice, It’s greatly appreciated!

I’m looking into all possibilities at the moment and will definitely apply and check out all of the websites you suggested.

Thanks for the info again and best of luck to you as well!

Safe travels

Hi @tiednknots

There is also - which you can browse by location, or apply to become one if you have solid Webflow experience…

Note: this is for hiring mainly, but might also give you some leads for agencies you could contact with your portfolio.

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Good advice, I thought it connected automatically somewhere.

Made adjustments to the original post.

Pleasure. One more I thought of:

Best of luck