Moving images with cursor on hover

hey everyone,

i’d like to implement something like this on my home page
pinterest /dribbble gif 1

pinterest /dribbble gif 2

I’ve sort of got it, but it’s very jumpy and doesn’t look good😆

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Here is my public share link: LINK
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Instead of adding a mouse hover interaction over each image, try adding a singular mouse hover interaction over the entire section that contains each of the images. This should eliminate any “jumping” behavior, reduce the number of interactions you need to manage, and will allow you to have each image move at it’s own rate to simulate depth :+1:

Maybe I’m not understanding how to use the “mouse over element” interaction because I’m still not sure how to replicate - I have just been changing the x value with “mouse x actions” and the y value with “mouse y actions” ?

any references /examples would be greatly appreciated.