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Moving CMS to a new Webflow Site

I’ve set up a blogging site, and now want to redesign the site with a new CMS template that I wish to purchase on Webflow. How do I migrate the CMS content (blogs) to the new site without having to resort to re-writing the whole darn site.

I’m sorry but this is not actually possible at the moment. It’s kind of eveident that import/export db feature will come to Webflow in a decent amount of time, but really there is no date yet, I don’t even know if they work on it.

You can ask what they can do for you.

You can automate the process with Keyboard Maestro app, basically record mouse macros. That’s… almost a sport but when it works it’s great. i’ve been filling Weblfow databases like this and @cyberdave is the one who pointed me to KeyboardMaestro.

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Thanks Vincent - might give the support line a go when the time is right.

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