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Move Page to New Folder Bug

Changing the location of a Page within a Folder
does not always update the link in a NavBar.

This may not be directly reproducible… but there IS a bug here.


Create a Folder - “global”.
Create a Page - “test1”.
Create a Page - “test2”.
Create NavBar on the page:test with a to “page:test2”
Create a Folder - “new-global”.

folder:global/page:test1/navbar link/[test2]

Will point to
folder:global/page:test1/navbar link/[test2] will point to

Instead of
folder:new-global/page:test1/navbar link/[test2]

I’ve this issue literally 20 or 30 times today alone… so someone somewhere should be able to reproduce this.

At this time I cannot due to be scheduling conflicts.

I have several designs on the plate at the same time… and cannot do further testing.

Please address this. This is extremely frustrating.

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