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Move hamburger menu on click


I’m working on a site which has a side bar div and a main div (see example). When clicking on the hamburger the side menu covers 90% of the site, but I want the hamburger menu to move along the side menu. When I ‘tell’ the hamerburger menu to move 90% in the interaction it only moves 90% of the original size of the side menu.

All help is welcome.


Preview site:

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the forums :wink:

Could you explain this a bit more? I’m having a hard time understanding what exactly it is you’re trying to achieve.



I understand you have a hard time understanding me. My explanation wasn’t the brightest…therefor I’ve made 2 screenshots to better explain what I want to achieve.

  1. This is the situation with the menu closed:

  2. This is the situation with the menu open:

What I would like is - when the menu ‘unfolds’ to the right, the hamburgermenu icon moves to the right also, somewhere near the red circle. But somehow I can’t make it work.

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