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Move Content Inside a Grid Without Affecting other Views (Desktop, Mobile...)

Hi everyone, I just want to move the contents within the grid for tablet view and mobile view without affecting each other.

This is the Desktop View I want

This is the Tablet View I want (I’ll add more padding on the sides later)

This is what happens to the desktop view when I change the position of the contents in the tablet view:

I also want to change the Mobile View so it Looks like the drawing and not that…

-Black is Heading
-Blue is Description

Thank you so much. Any help is appreciated :smiley:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi there! You can get the image to be in the center column on desktop by setting that div’s grid position to manual, and setting the column start/end to 2 and row start/end to 1. Then, when you’re editing for mobile, you should be able to just delete one of those columns and it will automatically drop one group of text below the other. Hope that helps!

It’s auto generating columns, and it won’t let me delete one of them for Mobile, but the tablet and desktop view is exactly how I wanted it to be. Thank you so much.

Looks like it’s auto-generating because some of those divs in the grid are still set to manual. They’ll all need to be auto with the numbers cleared out in mobile for it to drop down to one column. Glad the desktop view is better!