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Mouseover to zoom view

Is is possible to create a mouseover to view a zoomed image in webflow in the way that ebay does?
rolling over the small image brings up a larger version that you can navigate through using the smaller image.

I’ve tried a couple of things with interactions but I don’t think I’ve been using the best approach. In any case I only need it to “kind” of work as it’s for a prototype so bringing up the larger image without breaking my layout and it working consistently through different viewports excepting mobile is all I need

Hi @Mowgli :slight_smile:

There is currently no native way to do mouse pointer tracking inside of Webflow. But, would a simple lightbox help?

Thanks for that but it’s not quite what I"m after. I don’t need the mouse tracking, as I mentioned it is just for proof of concept prototype so a “pretend” solution would do but I can’t figure out how to do it. I started building an overlay that would appear on rollover but I can only position it with absolute coordinates and as soon as I hide it on load it completely disrupts the layout. Any ideas on how to achieve this appreciated.

Hey @Mowgli you should be able to utilize the jQuery and script from this page:

I can make a cloneable site later with this implemented if that’ll help? :smile:

thanks a lot, that would help!

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