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Is there anyway to make a lighbox image pop up "on hover over"?

HI all,

Is there anyway to make a lighbox image pop up “on hover over”?

Using interactions in Webflow or using a javascript? Both are possible I believe, but javascript gives me always more flexibility ;) What exactly do you need?

He doesn’t want to click :wink:

Ninja’s back!

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Ya i dont want to click the image i want to hover over on it and have the image pop up like a light box image

Id rather not use javascript - is there any other way?

Yes, interactions. Basically design the state of your popup image, make it disappear display:none and/or opacity:0 and add an interaction to the thumbnail with a onHover trigger. Check the second page of the tutorials for interactions tutorials.

Share the link to your website and share the public link as well. Describe what you need on the example from your website and we’ll see what we can do :)

Interactions might do the trick but not entirely. Javascript could help having it very dynamic ;)

Ok I would like exactly this… but on hover over not on click

Maybe this will work. I didn’t test it anyhow. Put it in custom code in before </body>.

$(document).ready(function() {
	$('w-lightbox').hover(function() {
	}, function() {

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