Mouse Click (Tap) Interactions Not working on mobile

Mouse click interactions simply do not trigger on mobile devices. Initial states also do not trigger. I have tried in Chrome and Safari on an iPhone. I have been using webflow a very long time and never been so stumped. Any help would be awesome!

Here is my read only link: Webflow - Awful Cloth (Webflow -> Shopify)

The interactions I am referring to in particular are on the product card (you can find this on home page)… Where on tablet-mobile a button appears to show a ‘quick shop’. The ‘Plus’ inside the button rotates correctly in the designer preview but not on an actual phone.

Second, on the celebrities page, the arrow that pops up from the bottom of the picture frame again works correctly in the designer but not on a phone.

Again… Super stumped. I have tried every typical Webflow fix from completely remaking interactions to deleting and reconfiguring classes. I have yet to look through the rest of the pages on mobile but I am worried I will find more :frowning: .


If I remove an interaction from an element, publish, and the re-add it, then publish, it works. None the less, within the hour if I publish again, it will choose a random time to break and I will have to repeat the process.

I do have a hunch. Randomly when operating on a collection list item the collection list will bug out and all the items will disappear. I think it’s possible that If I publish during this bug it strips the interaction from the element (Even though they are class interactions) :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hey Benjamin,

Just a heads up that I was also encountering issues with interactions, specifically with CMS Collection Lists. I can’t tell if this is happening with yours, but figured I would reach out and let you know.

Check out this page to see what I mean:

I’ve opened a support ticket so we’ll see what they say.

Hi Benjamin and Owen! I believe this relates to an issue we’re currently investigating and we’re posting updates on our status page here. You can subscribe to receive a notifications on a fix. We’re so sorry for the trouble this has caused and our engineering team are working on this right now.

Hi Benjamin and Owen! Can you please republish your projects once again? We believe that will fix the issue. Thanks for your patience while we worked on this.