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Mouse Click interaction NOT working on mobile (still not working)

Hey Webflow community,

I am using the ‘Mouse click (tap)’ interaction to animate my mobile menu, however, it doesn’t work when I use my phone.

I’m using an iPhone and have tried both Safari and Google.

This is the second website in as many as two weeks that has the same issue…

*Note - I am using an iPhone 11 which is running the latest version of iOS.

I found this article which claims the issue has been resolved, but for me, this isn’t the case:

Hopefully, I am missing something really obvious!

Kind regards

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Hi @Make-Machine!

Can you try applying the interaction to when the navbar opens and closes? It seems that the open button for the menu is conflicting with the mobile button animation on click.

I’ve created a short video to further clarify:

I tested on an iPhone 8 Plus, and the button animation works as expected. When the menu opens it turns into an x and when it closes it turns into a plus.

John, you’re a legend!

That was the fix I was looking for - thanks so much!

Kind regards

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