More dynamic lists per page + a way to "break the lists"

Here is a map I designed in Webflow. You can click on regions to get a page with a series of “references” (it’s a collection), sorted by “regions” (it’s another collection).

I successfully designed the dynamic template for Regions, who shows the list of references associated with the current region.

But I can’t link the items of the card to the template, because a dynamic list can’t be represented as I designed the pins on the map. I could have cheated and placed as much dyn lists as regions, but I have 13 regions and there’s a limitation for the amount of dynlists you can add to a page.

So instead of using only the templates for Regions, I had to create 13 pages, one per region, with a dynlist in, and link the pins to the pages.

There was maybe a way to link to the Region template but I didn’t find it.

So I’d like to be able to build dynlists that can be this cloud of pins, placed arbitrarily.

Thanks for listening!

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