More Advanced Audio Solutions on the Webflow Platform

I sincerely admire the capabilities of the Webflow platform. At the same time, there are a few nuances that set off my joy…!? The ability to create and implement my own audio player on HTML5 / CSS3 and JavaScript — that’s the source of my sadness…! Yes, I’m still a beginner in web development and I’m just starting to learn the Webflow platform. And, looking through the numerous forums and guides, I did’t find any detailed information about this case? It’s very strange! Looks like Webflow is not particularly interested in this issue, 'cause such questions and wishes appear regularly on the forum (for several years in a row). I don’t understand the company’s policy in this matter? Can there be any technical obstacles, doubts or is it simply a principled position of the company’s management? Otherwise, I believe that it’s necessary to clarify this point for numerous users and clients of Webflow, 'cause they are waiting for this from you! And the implementation of audio through SoundCloud etc… — this is not the answer for many WF’s customers and users. These solutions are not suitable for many, in fact. Why is it so impossible to add audio tracks in the assets or in audio repositories on Webflow’s platform? If this is a matter of legality audio content, then there are elegant solutions, TrustedAudio Platform for example. I have at least two passions: music and web interface development. As for music, I’m a professional composer, pianist and creative producer. And as a musician, first of all, I want to have an audio player with its own unique design and functionality! Suggest us the best and more flexible tools in this matter and we’ll be just happy! Offer your customers an understandable step-by-step instruction on creating and implementing their audio player on HTML5 / CSS3 and JavaScript. How and where is it better to implement custom code and scripts, which method is optimal? Sincerely I hope for attention to this issue from the Webflow inc. And I apologize for my Japanese, if there are any misprints in the text :slight_smile:

With best regards, Helgeus.


You can subscribe on the wishlist site and add an idea, or search for an existing one and put votes on it.

As for the audio aspect itself, I guess that’s not a priority, and many other things are meant to be developed before that. I guess that it’s the same as a video player: numerous services, very good ones, already exist and you can use them with Webflow. Youtube and Vimeo for video, and Soundcloud, for example, for audio.

From soundcloud you can export an embed code and use it in a webflow custom code block, or simply grab the URL of a soundcloud track and add it as a multimedia embed in a Rich Text block. On Soundcloud you’ll get many many options that are difficult to reproduce with just an HTML5 audio player.

You can also write your own HTML5 audio player, host your files on a server or dropbox and use it as a custom code component in Webflow.

Yes, I understood your position. But I, being the exclusive owner of my audio content, would not like to delegate this right to other services (SoundCloud, Spotify etc.)

This automatically affects other commercial issues, such as the sale of music, general conditions and rules for the placement of audio content, and also exclusivity in the provision of this material.

Anyway, thanks for your attention.

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