Modal pop-up interaction on button instance

Hi guys, quick one… I have an instance of a component button (the component button is linked to an external url), on the instance I set up an on-tap animation to open a modal. but this button instance keeps going to the external url. how do I make it open up the modal instead?

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Hi Chidi,

In a link/button, the linking is done via a URL. Click interactions are done by javascript. Chances are, you’re seeing both happen at the same time,

Further, interactions are connected to classes, or to elements, which might have some unexpected behavior inside of a component. That may make it tricky to bind your interaction to a button within a single component instance.

You might try setting the URL to # in that specific instance, and see if you can bind your interaction instead.

Another approach might be to have two separate buttons, one is for links, one is for modals, and then use conditional visibility at the instance level to display only the one you want.