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Modal or popup box moves other boxes in perfect arrangement

Hello community,

This is my first post. I’m currently building my website And looking to add a feature that I’m sure exists but I’m not sure what you’d call it or how you build it. If it’s custom code, or can be done within web flows capability.

Bare with my explanation but hopefully my photo explains it all.

I’m building an about us page where I will have all my employees. I don’t want text, only their image; however, when you hover over the image or click, it expands to a bigger box showing the photo and biography. Where it gets tricky is I when that image expands, I want all the other employees squares around it to reorganise to be on the same grid - it would also need to close when I click off the image or onto another one, or hover - just the same way I’ve done the

Where do I begin? What is this function / code called? is this simple or way advanced ? I’m not expecting anyone to code this, unless there’s a thread that demonstrates exactly this you could point me to, I’m just looking for suggestions

Here is my public share link: LINK
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