Modal not working on mobile

Hello friends,

I created a modal overlay for a form that opens on the click/tap of a button. It works perfectly on desktop, tablet and and on taller mobile phones (iPhone 14 Pro Plus), but it’s not working on shorter mobile phones (iPhone 14 Pro).

What happens on iPhone 14 Pro is that the modal opens but nothing is clickable in it. Something to note is a weird behavior which could be causing this, which is that when the overlay appears, what’s in the background slides upwards, which is not how I intend it to be – it should stay in place. I also discovered that once the modal is open and not working, if I scroll down to go to the top of the page, the mdal suddenly becomes clickable and it works, but only if I scroll up to the top, which no one will do because they are already at the top of the page.

Appreciate any help with this!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Lux.Market

Thank you : )

HI @alexandrabenet one thing I have find that you have not set your form-wrapper to hidden on your mobile viewport. You should start there to fix it first and go from there.

Thank you Stan. I took it out of hidden to take the screenshot above and then forgot to put it back :relaxed: