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Help! Modals not working no mobile?

Hi Webflow community,

It’s been awhile!

I’ve had to build a small temp website for a client that required some video modals (thanksto bartekkustra for his ongoing help on the forums).

Quick rundown:

There is some initial interactions on the desktop version to show/hide content. Within that content there are links to open the video modals. This is all working fine; the problem being that I can’t get the modals to work once in tablet/or mobile mode. The client wanted the mobile versions to dispense with the show/hide behaviour, and as we cant have desktop only interactions (yet) I was forced to copy everything, switch off the interactions, and display only on mobile. I’m assuming the reason the modals arent working with the mobile version of the content/links is something to do with the unique ID’s? Would this be correct?

Any ideas?

Here is my public share link:

seems i was panicking and possibly lazy, I answered my own question

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