Mobile view weirdness


I wonder if I can get some help please…

On this page

on mobile the navbar is pushed out to the right of the viewport and all the text is larger than it’s set to. I’m assuming the two are related. Here’s a screenshot showing what I mean…

I’ve looked at the navbar elements positioning but not seeing anything ‘obviously’ wrong that would push the navbar out, though my layout skills are limited so I probably am missing something.

Any help would be really appreciate, thanks in advance.


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Graham, not looked at your site but one thing that does cause issues is anything that moves outside the right hand side. Initial states for interactions etc.
Its ok from the top or left.
Check if you have anything like that.

@iDATUS, thanks for your help. I’ve looked through and I’m really not sure what it is. I thought it might be something in the footer but I amended it and still get the right hand side extending past the viewport.

I think it maybe something in the navbar, but again not seeing anything obviously out of place.

Don’t think there’s any interactions on that page.

Thanks again.


How long you online for from this moment, FYI its 19:42 here in UK.
I am going to have something to eat and I got a bit more work to do on my own portfolio site and didn’t want to start something if you are not here until tomorrow if you get my drift.


I’m here for the next few hours. In the UK too.

Thank you, I really appreciate you sparing your time.


ok looking at it now.
I got it on my mobile everything seems ok.
is it the editor you are seeing issues or published site or both.
And may need a little more of a pointer


That’s weird because for me it seems ok in the designer, but the published site on mobile is pushed out to the right. You’re not seeing that on mobile?



The screenshot in my OP was taken from my huawei P20 Pro android mobile

im using android (not a lot of choice out there is there) but using microsoft edge. what you using

I’m using oogle chrome. Hope that helps, cheers, Graham

ok on that as well. no side screen movement.
How do I take a screen shot again, real busy my end :wink:

I hold the off button and volume down button simultaneously on my mob

I got some screen recorder app installed.
Now I did do a recording and then your webpage went to Sht.
I then refreshed the page and all ok and so was the next recording.
My guess is I touched something on the page.
Have you refreshed the page your end?
I have pressed your menu button a few times no issue. Not selected any option on it though.

I just cleared cookies and cache in chrome on my mobile, then revisited the page and still see the issue

ok, I will be going to be in a bit.
Tomorrow I will upload my screen grab and show you what I got.


Don’t worry. I’ve figured out what it is, I had my browser font settings set to a higher size and that was breaking the layout. I’m so sorry for wasting your time, it just didn’t occur to me until I checked my wife’s phones just now and it displayed fine for her too.

Thanks again.


That’s good to know.
Wonder what I pressed to make mine do mad.
Anyway we can both crack on now, got a very full on day box opening today for my YouTube channel.

Good luck with it, YT is a great marketing channel.

Thanks again @iDATUS

Cheers, not been successful on YT but that because I do a lot of fringe tech guide stuff but its good to keep a hand in and I got a lot of product reviews in the pipeline.
If you ever want to work together or bounce off ideas let me know.
Send a PM.