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Hi All,

I am editing off a template called Krunch - great template by the way!

I am having extreme difficulties with mobile optimization. I need help with a couple things, but one thing at a time. My biggest hurdle is optimizing my slider.

  1. On both Landscape and Portrait view, the section for “Case Studies” overlaps with the “What” section – I have no clue why this is occurring.

  2. On Portrait view, the slide nav appears on the bouncing arrow (the page you first land on) – very odd…

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Hello @simplypractical

I noticed that you’re using VH values for your sections. Have in mind that using VH values for elements that contain a lot of content would mess up the lay out.

I would recommend to change the VH values that you have set for the “What we do” and “Case Studies” sections and change them for Auto height, I changed that and it worked just fine.

Let me know if that helps.


Hi Aaron,

Do you suggest I change these values on the desktop or only portrait and landscape?

Thank you!

On the mobile version.

Thank you, Aaron! This helped.

My issue now is the slide nav from “Case Studies” appears up top where the down arrow exists. Any suggestions?
Also, do the left and right arrows regularly disappear on portrait viewing or is there an issue I am experiencing?

Thank you for your help thus far!!

Actually, I changed the slider to auto… that seemed to fix it.
But do the slider arrows normally disappear?

Also, in my “Contact” section, viewing as portrait – there is an area of space above “Want More Customers?” that is linked to the body and has extra space that I cannot change… it makes the page look. Any ideas?

Thank you!

If you add position relative to your slider element the arrows will take the absolute postition from it and they will be shown now.

The black space for the contact section is because you have set 100VH value for the wrapper on your case studies section, put it Auto and that will push the Contact section down, remove the top margin from Contact section and you’re good to go.

I did as you said the space still appears

You need the top margin from your Contact section

Thank you, thank you, thank you x100! :slight_smile:

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