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Mobile navbar slide from the left

Hi, is it possibile to make the navbar to slide from the left (instead of from the top) on mobile layout?

Thanks for helping!

Hi @paulrodriguez,

Yes it is possible.

To make a navigation slide from the left you could simply use a fixed div, with height set to 100vh and its width to whatever width you like.

Once your navigation div wrapper is setup, you could add a Webflow click interaction on a hamburger menu or whatever button you’d like to use to trigger the navigation menu.

Within that interaction, you would simply set the navigation div to -100% on the x axis as initial position, then a second later move the div to 0% again to make it appear.


If you want that animation to appear only on mobile, you can always set the display of your mobile navigatin wrapper to none on desktop then toggle it back on tablet breakpoint and below.

I did exactly that on a project you can clone:

Hope that helps !

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good ! This is a nice way