Mobile Navbar Animation Strange Behaviour in Mobile Views

Sirs and Madams,

If you take a look at my project you’ll notice the Navbar animation will not behave as expected in both mobile views.

It will appear unhidden, then hide much before reaching the element that activates it - “S0 - Divisor - No Spacing (Center)” - , and then appear once more once it reaches said element.

Any clues as to why this is?


Hello @dboccia,
I think I found the reason of this issue.
Navbar position now dependent on scroll of the div SA-Main (SA navbar animation2):

when element “SA-Main” comes into the screen view - navbar goes to hide,
when elemnt “SA-Main” comes out of screen view- navbar appears.

Now when you will look on mobile view, elemnt “SA-Main” is NOT in the screen view when page loaded. Then you scroll down and SA-Main comes to the view, then it goes out… :smiley: So Navbar react like it should react.

For fix this you will need to change size of elements, that stays above SA-Main, so it would be in screen view when page loaded.

Hope I was able to explain :wink:



Hello again @sabanna. That was it! Thank you so much for finding that!


Glad I could help :wink: Btw, very creative site! :+1:


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