I have a navbar that slides down and up uncontrollably, can't figure out why

I have a navbar with the class “Nav Scroll” that functions correctly, but on the Home page on a mobile device the navbar jumps up and down uncontrollably as you scroll. This doesn’t happen on any other page even though it is using the same animation/interaction.

Any insight on this would be much appreciated!


I have no idea, I can’t see anything wrong with it. Might be a bug. I know scroll interactions sometimes are weird on touch devices. I think this is due to the fact that it can’t load anything while your finger is on the screen.

The issue is when I scroll down, the Navbar shows up but keeps jumping up and down. This doesn’t happen on the project pages, just the home page and just on mobile.

Everything looks good in the preview but when I try it on the published domain this happens.

@Waldo @sabanna Any insight?

Thanks :smile:

Sure, lets see… :eyes:

I guess by mistake, you applied “Navscroll” interaction on that sliding Navbar itself, this is why you get such weird behavior.


I have it on the interaction “Navscroll Display None” which just has an initial appearance to hide it.

EDIT: I’m using the same interactions for the same elements on every page, but only seeing this behavior on the mobile home page.

2nd EDIT: Never mind, I see what you mean. Jeez you’re good. How did you see that? Thanks again Sabanna, you’re the best!

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I am HTML/CSS whisperer :wink: :sparkles: LOL

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