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Mobile Nav in exported site missing

Hi - my exported site is missing the hamburger and side nav elements in mobile/tablet view. You can see it working in the webflow project link but not on the exported site (see here).
I saw a similar problem on this forum but that was a JS error and I can’t see any errors thrown in the chrome console on the exported site…
Any help will be appreciated - somehow I missed this and its been days since it went live :frowning:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @shannonr

Thanks for posting.

It looks like the menu button isn’t visible in the Designer either. I looked a bit closer and it looks like your nav menu has been deleted from your nav component:

In this case, I recommend adding in a new navbar component. Then copy/paste the button back into the navbar and style as needed.

I used a backup as suggested by support - there was one line missing from the code:

<div class="icon w-icon-nav-menu"></div>

Right at the end of the menu - thanks for your help

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