Mobile Menu is not going down after open the accordion

Hi, I used to use the Webflow native dropdown on mobile menu, but it is very limited in terms of design. So, I decided to create an Accordion on the mobile menu to get a better result. But as do as the dropdown, when the list is big and the user needs to scroll down in the page, it is not working well. To be fair, it is not working at all.

I already tried some Overflow configs, some positions, like absolute or relative and nothing make it works as I want too.

Coul someone help me to solve it, please?

See the read-only link bellow.

Webflow - LET'S Delivery

On this page you can see how to build an accordion that closes when another dropdown is opened (I hope I understood you correctly).

Hi @Gedankensalat thanks for your reply.

The problem is not the Accordion it is already done and I have a lot of others in my project working fine. The problem is when I put it on the mobile menu and the page can’t scroll down. So, the users open the accordion to see the links but is not able to scroll the page to see all of them.

I tried to change some configurations of Overflow and Position but nothing is working fine. Having said that, did you see the link? Is my problem clear now?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi @Andre_Mortari have you solved the problem? It works for me. If not, can you tell me on which page you test this issue?

Hi, Yes! I solved it in the last minute. Before going to sleep I had an idea and tried and, I don’t know why or how, but it works.

It was like: I already tried a lot of things, let me try one more and see. And it works perfectly.

The solution was select the part of the menu I want to scroll down, select the 90 VH on High and put Always on Overflow, the position also is set in absolute. And, it works! :tada:

Thanks a lot for help me.

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