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Dropdown within mobile menu pushes content out of scrollable area

Hello community,

I’m having a problem with the hamburger menu on my Webflow project.

At first the menu was not scrollable when the amount of links exceeded the viewheight. I’ve managed to fix this by checking the “Menu fills page height” option in the Nav Menu div.

However, my menu also includes a dropdown “Occasions” that, when opened still pushes, some links out of the viewport and scrollable area.

Any tips how to tackle this?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hello @Geffrey_Barendregt , did you managed to fix this? I’ve been looking for a solution for weeks and still haven’t found anything.

Please, let me know.


@abelsanchez Sadly no, I haven’t. I must admit I haven’t looked into the project as much lately. Wish I could be of more help and do let me know if you manage to figure it out!

Not yet. I’m still looking for a solution.

Thanks for the reply!

Update: @Geffrey_Barendregt I just created a copy from desktop to tablet and mobile version to adjust the text and hide the other versions depending on what screen it is showing. That’s how I “fixed” it. But hey, it works.

Hi @abelsanchez , id be curious to see how that works! It’s not so much the content on mobile that is giving me trouble. It’s not being able to scroll when an opened dropdown is causing the menu height to exceed the viewport.

Did you get rid of the dropdowns on mobile or something?

Sure, feel free to take a look. Here is the read-only link.

I;m a bit slow on the reply, but thanks for sharing your read-only link!

Unfortunately you’re running into the same problem I am. I don’t know if you’ve realized so I’m just going to explain incase you haven’t noticed yet:

The problem is when a sub-menu is opened on mobile and the user tries to scroll down, he does not scroll within the menu, but rather on the regular page that sits behind the menu.

This makes it impossible to navigate the menu when it exceeds the viewport height.

I’ve decided to work on some other stuff first and revisit this issue later, if I do manage to figure it out i’ll let you know here.