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Mobile Menu Dropdown Expand on tap?


We’re having some trouble with the mobile menu on a project. The desktop menu is fine. We want the drop-down menu items to expand on hover, however, when sizing down to mobile, we need the drop-down toggle to work on click, rather than on hover (as mobile doesn’t support hover).

Can anybody help with this? Even if it’s a little bit of custom code? I understand creating a duplicate menu and only showing on mobile is a workaround but isn’t really a solution. I’ve listed a read-only link below.


Can anybody help? Thank so much in advance.


I’ve just tested your site on mobile and you will find that it does work by tapping the menus. In the designer it opens on hover.

No, hover is not supported on mobile, for that you need to use the force. Only Yoda can help with that.

Great website too! I live just 10 miles from that company.

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